Ref 12-003 - Waterjet CNC Caretta Modula Solid3 3040 - 5 axis

Condition - very good, Location - Italy

Price - 88000 euro

Waterjet cutting system CNC, numerical control machine, 5 axis, WATERJET 3D INTEGRATED WITH ACTIVE COMPENSATION SYSTEM for any kind of processing cutting and shapping of marble and granite and other materials like plastic, iron, glass, etc., dimension banch 3.000 x 4.000 mm., complete with sludge evacuator, software CAD/CAM, KMT 50 hp pump, max 3.800bar and probe collision with anticollision
A-features in a single block with stroke X = Y = 3000 * 4000 * A = Z = 350 + / -45 *C = + / -380
Cutting stroke of axel X mm. 3.000
Max horizontal travel axel Y mm. 4.000
No.1 bi-rotary head with air jacks
B-steel tub with separate media 
C-blade cutting head aligning
D-High pressure pump KMT 50 hp
E-variable flow of the abrasive dosing 
F-abrasive system complete with tank 220 lt 
G-probe collision with anticollision 
H-side Control numerical Win Twist with pulpit and joy-stic
I-Cad/CAM The 3D

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