Three options for selling stone equipment:

A. IN THE CURRENT STATE - The machine is delivered in the condition in which it is.

B. IN WORKING CONDITION  - Machine cleaned, lubricated and tested.To prevent a malfunction or breakdown, we repair or replace defective parts.We carry out a dry test of all moving parts, including in the presence of the Customer.

The machine is completely dismantled and:

Sandblasted with quartz sand
Processed with anti-corrosion primer
Painted with original color (or other color upon request)
Mechanically milled if necessary
Replaced worn parts (such as ball bearings, cables, etc.)
Marked junction points for easy reassembly
A video recording of all tests that simulate performance.


The equipment is transported in open-top containers, or on truck, properly secured with steel cables.

Technical documentation

For most machines, we have complete documentation:
Main drawings
Electrical drawings
Operating Instructions
One set of documentation comes with the machine.

Our technicians can help with the installation of machinery. We can train the work team at the buyer's factory.We provide after-sales technical assistance and supply spare parts.