Ref 05-009 - Polishing machine for granite tiles and strips SIMEC COMBI MG 600-312

Location - Italy, Condition - good Year -1999

Price - By inquire

Second hand combined machine for calibrating and polishing tiles, strips of model granite, equipped with revolving roller calibrating spindles installed on a mobile bridge and dressing and polishing spindles installed on the second bridge. The revolving position of the tools ensures uniform wear and a high removal capacity. Width 600mm., 3 calibrator heads +12 polishing heads
Useful working mm. 600
Sens of working from lefth to right

Calibrating roller gauging machine 3 heads size 600 mm. 
Polishing machine 12 heads size 650 mm. 
Total weigth  kg. 28.500
Adjustable motor speed - mt/min.