02-007 - Monoblade BM SUPER 800

The single blade machine is perfectly suitable for squaring marble blocks or cut big thickness slabs,
installing one diamond blade. The machine is supplied with a fixed trolley for the blocks, in order
to cut big thickness slabs; otherwise the machine is supplied with a rotating bench trolley, in order
to square the marble blocks.
The operation of the machine is by a combined hydraulic and mechanical movements, which
allows the best tensioning and movement of the blade, in order to raise the speed of cut and
guarantee the best precision.
On the BM Super model, the diamond blade has a linear stroke of 420 mm, on the BM Super 800
the diamond blade has a linear stroke of 800 mm.
They install the same motor, so with the same electrical consumption, the 800 mm model
guarantee a higher cutting speed (downfeed) and so a bigger production.
Reasons for choosing BM SUPER over a monofil
for sawing marble:
• Minor sawing costs as diamond blades are cheaper
than diamond wires.
• Higher output – in square metres – with the diamond
blade than with the diamond wire.
• Greater cutting precision.
• Optimal sawing speed to quality ratio.
• Less waste of material when squaring blocks.
• An extra 6 mm for every cut because diamond blades
are thinner.
• Smaller investment costs of the machine.
• Inferior sawing time on blocks with small

Frame used to square off marble blocks and saw very thick blocks, using just one diamond blade.
800 mm STROKE
For greater production and lower consumption of diamond segments. It is ideal for defective and abrasive materials.
Sprinkling system The newly concivied water sprinkler ensures better distribution of the water over the sawing area.
Cooling system.
A new closed circuit cooling system using non recycled water to increase the life of the pistons and gaskets.
Automatic cutting programmer displayed on touchscreen, controlled by PLC.
Main motor inverter.
Motorized rotating block trolley

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