Ref 06-002 - Single head Polishing Machine Gregori LG4 for marble and granite

Useful working dimension                2400mm x 5.000mm
Rated power                     33 Hp
Voltage                         380V - 50Hz
Working system                  automatic
Working programs                nr 4 different programs
HS Code                         846420
Marble polishing plate          included
Granite polishing head          included
The machine is installed and in perfet working condition the offered mdel is
equipped with additional counter pression system (you can work on very thinn
slabs too) general machine condition is excellent !!!
Price                   as above described              Euro    12.850
Cost                    dismounting/loading             Euro      1.800
                        Price machine truck loaded      Euro    14.650
06-002 - Polishing Machi Gregori LG4

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