10-001- GALAXY Multi Function CNC touch CNC Bridge saw 5 axis



Galaxy is the new generation multi-function processing machine which is associated to be designed and manufactured between OMC and research institute of famous college. With pattern operation and advanced control system and synchronous CNC control system, the machine can be easily operated easily without knowing complicated CNC knowledge.
This machine can be used to realize some advanced functions like: cutting line, chamfering, drilling, profiling, 3D profiling, and edge profiling, which can be used to small processing factory and countertop shops.

I. Characteristic:
1. Compact size,no needing the ground base.
2. Advanced CNC control system and all patterns operation, the machine can be operated without professional operators.
3. Powerful functions, the machine can do almost all jobs of a small factory.
4. Low electricity and high efficiency,high cost performace.
5. High quality mechenical and electric parts are used to ensure long service life.
6 .Image input supports:Master CAM, UG, Cimatron, Solid CAM, JDPaint.

II.Technical Parameters and Price
Voltage/frequency 380v-3phase,50Hz
Main motor power 7.5kw
Stroke of X axis - 3500mm
Stroke of Y axis - 2000mm
Stroke of Z axis- 400mm
Stroke of A axis -360 degree
Stroke of B axis - 0-90degree
Cutting speed of X axis - 1-15000mm/min
Cutting speed of Y axis - 1-12000mm/min
Cutting speed of Z axis - 1-2000mm/min
Rotating speed of A axis - 0-7R/min
Dia. Of diamond blade - 350-400mm
Max.cutting thickness - 100mm
Camera capture cutting - Yes
Tilting workbench - 80 degree tilting
Spindle of main shaft - 1000-6000/rpm
Bore size of blade - 50mm
Programing method - CAD & manual
E-stop position - On both sides
Overall size - 5800x3150x3350mm(LxWxH)
Packing size - 5500x2200x2200mm(LxWxH)
Weight - 4300kg
Warranty - 12 months
Delivery time - 30 working days

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10-001- OSC GALAXY Multi Function CNC touch CNC Bridge saw 5 axis

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