Ref 25-007 - Diamond wire cutting machine CINGOLFIL


for fast squaring of blocks in the quarry (marble,granite, stones various).
CINGOLFIL is equipped of electronic inverter for the variation of the number of revolution of the flywheel, in order to optimize cutting of the diamond wire.
PRICE - 68000 euro
It’s equipped with a turn differential to optimize departure and processing even in the presence of water
and with any type of material. (marble, granite and sandstone);
37Kw Inverter to allow the flywheel of 800 mm. diameter to vary in speed of the diamond studded wire of 0-33 mt./sec.
Taking full advantage of the HP50 electric motor and permitting this to reach 70/80Amp. during the work process. The machine, which in total weighs 2200 kg., is controlled by a reduced command panel, can be positioned at a distance of 17 m. The electric panel is equipped with 2 work systems, manual and automatic.
The machine is accompanied with:
6,30 m. rack railway, which allows high level of stability during scrolling.

N.1 UNDERCARRIAGE with the following technical specifications:
Operating weight (indicative): 970 kg.
Total weight dynamic: 3000 kg.
Maximum slope gradeability: 20° (36%)
Motorized hydraulic unit:
- Diesel engine Honda 20HP
- Electric start
- Manual turns lever accelerator
- Hydraulic controls proportional lever for movement

(see “wire control” and “radio control” versions)
- Double forward speed: (1°) 1,5 Km/h-(2°) 3,2 Km/h
- Hydraulic stabilizers
- Maneuverability service with hydraulic control lever
- Reinforced natural rubber tracks, width 250 mm.
- Track tension grease
- Hydrostatic transmission type
- Fixed track gauge L=1400
- Lift pallet truck with driver’s stand-on platform
Diamond wire cutting machine CINGOLFIL

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