Ref 09-010 - Bridge saw CAMPAGNOLI E FEDELI MODEL CAT. 625

2008 year Location - Italy, Condition - working


Simple and sturdy with two-beam bridge, designed and manufactured to satisfy the most demanding companies in the stone machining sector for traditional cutting and shaping. Suitable for manual, semi-automatic and automatic machining work with latest-generation "SIPRO siax150" numerical control. The work bench is sturdy and heavy and can be rotated 360° manually (automatically as optional) with a precision bearing. It can be tipped with a hydraulic piston to facilitate slab loading procedures. The bench can be locked in fixed positions at 0°, +45°, -45° and +90°, with an optional of another positions every 45° while out of square in all 360° of rotation. The disc holder head is fast and precise for cutting machining work and can be inclined manually using the handwheel, lockable from 0° to 90° in any position. This machine is been studied to work with increased disks
Axis X (trolley) stroke: 3600 mm
axis Y-V (bridge) stroke: 3500 mm
axis Z (head) stroke: 420 mm
head inclination from 0° to 90° manually with handwheel
manually rotated bench 0°/360° also with continuous movement
spindle motor power 23 Hp
red cut-marking laser 15 mW
effective cutting size 200 mm
max. disc diameter 625 mm