About Stonemachines.es
Stonemachines.es - company based in Spain which , deals with a wide range of second-hand machines used in the processing of stone, remarketing services and technical assistance for stone working machinery. We collaborate with the best companies of Spain and Italy in the sector natural stone

Our direction - wants to become the trusted partner for all the best stone factories and workshops all over the world to help them to grow their business and profits

1) Machinery promotion, inspections, negotiations with buyers and seller. We find and present for the clients multiple options and help him select the best used machinery for his needs.
2) Demontage of machine from based place,
3) Loading,
4) Transportation
5) Montage en new place
6) Study and Training of new personnel
7) After the sale Stonemachines.es works side by side with their customers, assisting with installations, maintenance, as well as supplying consumables and spare parts.

Reconditioning center
If the available used machine is not in good shape or out of work  we can recondition in Spain or in Italy it to bring the machine again to life. Reconditioned machines will be in great shape again and 100% in working condition.

For better work in different countries with different languages, we have representatives in some countries.

Team of professionals with technical education

­Director General (Spain) +34697917941 whats app bellostonegmbh@gmail.com
Representative in Latin America   +59175290625 melbyn@gmail.com
We are at your complete disposal for provide any additional information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.