REF 20-002 - TECNOFILTER DEP250+TFE 300-4 PAS - plant treatment water with filterpress

Plant second hand machine for water treatment muddy water resulting from working with marble and granite, sedimentation tank capacity 250 l/min., complete of dehydrating equipment filtering filterpress 4 plates 300x300 mm. and of flocculant plant and pomps, complete of sludge homogeneizer tank
Technical Data:
Capacity of dehidratator 250 liter/min.
Sludge homogeneizer tank: 500 liter
Dimensions silos sedimentation tank 2.200 x h 4.270 mm.
Weigth of the machine: 
Filterpress n. 4 plates 300x300 mm. capacity 3 liter/each
Total power: 5,5 Kw
N.B.: technical data are indicative

Conditions: Good conditions, in function
Dismantling - Not Included
Dismantling notes - ex works Italy

PRICE 9900 euro